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England Women’s Team Resolves Pay Dispute After WWC Success

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Author: Eric Fisher

As the controversy surrounding the Spanish women’s national team that won the 2023 Women’s World Cup continues, the runner-up England squad has resolved its own dispute with the country’s Football Association over compensation.

Prior to the World Cup, FIFA disclosed plans to make direct payments to players ranging from $30,000 to $270,000 depending on where teams finished. English players, however, were frustrated about the lack of additional payments from the FA, as well as limitations on individual players’ ability to earn money from sponsorships.

That frustration, which dates back to last year, led English players to issue a joint statement before the tournament that they were “disappointed that a resolution has still not been achieved.” 

Structural Changes

Now, a month after the event’s conclusion, an agreement on a new payment and commercial structure is reportedly at hand.

“We’ve had a really good conversation with the FA,” said Millie Bright, English team captain. “We have come to an agreement, but I think it’s bigger than just the bonus … The women’s game is evolving very quickly, and conversations like this need to happen to make sure in all areas we’re at the top of the game.”

Part of the goal was to create a structure similar to many other national soccer federations in which national team bonuses are paid beyond the committed FIFA money.

The English women’s progress follows in the wake of the Spanish football federation’s vow to make “immediate and profound” changes to its structure. The promise is a response to a boycott by its national team players after former federation president Luis Rubiales nonconsensually kissed player Jenni Hermoso during the celebration of Spain’s World Cup victory.

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Author: Eric Fisher